Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cold Weather Ahead

We will have high temperatures on monday around 56, with light winds. Cloud cover will begin to spread east ahead of a cold core area in new mexico and will bring back the chance of precipitaion tuesday night for central oklahoma. Cold air will replace a high of 52 on tuesday, with highs in the mid 40's wednesday and thursday. Overnight lows will get into the mid 20's wednesady through Friday Night. We will moderate into the lower 50's for highs saturday and sunday. There is signs that are making belive that ARCTIC AIR will plunge south beyond the 7-day period. The timing is in question. Temperatures in Northern Canada are getting extremelym cold, but I do not expect extreme cold air to move into oklahoma anyitme soon. We will average below normal to normal on temperatures throughout the next 2 weeks. As we all know really cold air is going to occur at some point.

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