Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Oklahoma Weather in Review

We had some extreme weather in Oklahoma in 2009. Early in the year, we had a narrow band of sleet fall south of the metro. In February, we had tornado after tornado blow up over Yukon in a few hours, on the same day, and one of those hit NW Expressway and Rockwell blowing out windows, tearing up businesses, taking a huge piece of lumber and impailing it in the chucky' chesses, and knocking down the huge shopping mall sign. In late march, we had a blizzard in the northwest part of the state. In April, we had wildfires from southwest into central Oklahoma. Some of these fires destroyed many houses in Midwest City. In October, we were real cold for the month. In november we warmed up and on Christmas eve we had our big Blizzard!!! THE BLIZZARD TOTAL WAS ADJUSTED TO 13.5 INCHES, BUT THE STORM IS STILL CONSIDERED RECORD BREAKING. Here is hoping to an interesting 2010 weather year!!!

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