Monday, January 4, 2010


The weather models are absolutely unbelievable. They continue to bring in colder and colder air. It won't stop and this is making me start to believe that we will have record breaking cold in the state. ONE model has a low of 0 Saturday morning. I have a model that is messed up and not updating. It has been down since Saturday and this is setting me back, but the models that I have to work with are still in agreement of the cold air. HYPOTHERMIA AND FROSTBITE WILL BECOME COMMON AND MAY LEAD TO DEATH AND/OR LOSS OF ANY BODY PART THAT IS NOT COVERED. WE WILL HAVE DANGEROUSLY LOW WIND CHILLS. Tic THESE WIND CHILLS WILL LIKELY MEET CRITERIA FOR A WIND CHILL ADVISORY. The arctic cold front will move through the state Wednesday and temperatures will plummet behind the front. Behind the front we could see light snow and/or freezing drizzle. my thinking right now is that we will have freezing drizzle. This strong cold front will not have much moisture to work with. We may be able to squeeze out an inch of snow in northern Oklahoma. STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES. I WILL HAVE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE UPDATES/ADVISORIES WHEN THEY BECOME AVAILABLE. I WILL ALSO HAVE FORECAST UPDATES 2 TIMES A DAY.

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