Monday, March 8, 2010


We started Monday with light showers across much of the state. Around noon, we started to see more persistent rain. The rain was heavy at times. The wind picked up and the rain continued. As we got into the afternoon, we got a break from the rain as the widespread rain pushed to the northeast, and we were able to dry out. Storms started firing in the eastern Texas panhandle and into western Oklahoma. Rotation began to accompany the storm near erick. A tornado touched down northwest of erick and destroyed a good part of hammon. This tornadic storm stayed consistant for a while. There were times that the tornado would recycle, but for the most part we continued to see at least a funnel. Early estimates of the storm were projected as an F2 rating. It will take a while for the national weather service to get out and survey the damage. This tornado is Oklahoma's first tornado of the 2010 severe weather season, which runs from mid March to mid June.

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