Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am noticing some scary scenarios for this afternoon. This afternoon could become very volatile. The parameters for severe weather are coming together. I can already see drier and less humid air out on the panhandle, and I can see extremely rich mositure across the body of Oklahoma.

The storms that we have across northwestern Oklahoma will lay out an outflow boundary. A warm front will set up this afternoon. This warm front will stretch from northwest to southeast. Where these features set up will determine who sees tornadoes or damaging hail.

The Storm Prediction Center has put out a probability of a 60% chance of damaging hail; therefore, if your area does not see a tornado, you could likely see damaging hail. This forecast is dependent upon diurnal heating. If the storms hang around this morning, we could see the severe weather risk be lowered. I will have a better idea around noon today. I am going to bed soon, so I can be ready for a long afternoon. STAY WEATHER AWARE. DO NOT PLAY WITH THIS SET-UP. WE COULD SEE DAMAGING TORNADOES.

Have a safe morning. I will see you this afternoon. I will be ready to go around the noon time. I will be set to go fullspeed at 1pm.

Thank you,

Jonathan Dyer

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