Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I am closely monitoring the weather. A high risk of severe weather stretches across parts of southeastern into central Oklahoma. A warm front is moving in from the south. When this front sweeps through, we will get warm fast. The high risk also lies along the richest moisture axis. DAMAGING HAIL TO BASEBALLS AND A FEW DEADLY TORNADOES APPEAR LIKELY. Initiation of storms will likely form in the next few hours across the dry-line. The dryline is across southwest Oklahoma. Temperatures across southwest Oklahoma are getting hot. Temperatures in the middle 80's. The dry-line is approaching the OKC metro. We will likely see our severe weather between 5-10pm. Super cells will likely go uo fast. Parameters for severe weather are coming together. It would not surprise me to see a PDS tornado watch. A PDS tornado watch is a particularly dangerous situation watch. If this occurs, we will see numerous tornadoes.

We are waiting on the warm front to move through. Satellite imagery shows sun in southwestern Oklahoma. Pay close attention to the weather.

I will be here throughout this event. Stay safe.

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