Sunday, August 1, 2010

Extreme heat to continue/Winter outlook

If you have felt the extreme heat lately, you are seeing what the weather will be like the next 7 days. Temperatures will remain fairly constant. Highs between 100-105 will be favorable. As most of you know, the first 3-4 weeks of August is the hottest part of the season. Low temperatures overnight will not have any relief. Heat index values during the day could easily range from 105-112. This is dangerous heat, and it is highly recommended to stay hydrated, and if possible, stay in the air conditiong as much as possible.

As far as winter, it looks like La' Nina will affect the United States. Oklahoma will likely see an above normal temperature base, and we will see above normal precipitation. With respect to the set-up for the jet stream, signs are unknown, and it will take time. There is nothing set in stone, but La' Nina is gaining strength. The northern plains will likely see a harsh cold winter. We will see extreme cold. Just because an outlook for above normal temperatures is forecasted, it does not mean we will not see some harshly cold weather.

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